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Apply below to join our organization. Aaron's hail repair is your gateway into working for the best companies in the auto hail remair industry. We have contracts with some of the largest companies in the United States, which means we will be able to get your customers cars in the shop right away.

Our application and hiring process:

The auto hail repair industry is a little different than other careers. Generally if you want a job you can get one just by calling up the company owner and having a conversation that demonstrates you know what you are talking about.

Training new people on the auto hail industry knowledge takes valuable time away from owners and reps who could be out selling and making thousands in a day. But instead they are training you. So if you want us to invest in you by paying for housing at the storm & spending our time teaching you instead of going out and selling ourselves, we need a system to screen out people who aren't serious or don't take the time to go through the training.

By the time you interview you are expected to have gone through the training and be able to explain the general concepts/respond to basic objections. You don't have to know how to "sell" yet but you need to know how to explain the information about auto hail repair. We will teach you how to sell in the office with short daily meetings, you will get to shadow experienced reps in the field, and we will work with you one-on-one to get you up to speed.


Apply Below

We will send you a short 5 minute auto hail repair industry knowledge quiz (to see if you went through the training)

If you can pass the short 10 question quiz (takes less than 5 minutes) we will invite you to an interview.

Interview with Aaron

We will do a short 15-20 minute zoom interview

During the interview we will do some basic roleplaying where you will play the customer and I will play the sales rep and vice versa. I just need to see that you can explain the basic concepts about auto hail repair claims and repairs.

Choose your pay plan

100% commission OR free housing + Guaranteed $400/week base pay + uncapped commissions.

You will earn more per deal on the 100% commission plan (between $600-$1000+ per vehicle), but you will pay your own expenses at the storm - and if you don't sell anything you don't make any money.

If you want free housing and guaranteed $400 a week base pay to learn, you will make $300-$600 per vehicle starting out, & will have the option to change pay plans later.

Be ready to come to the storm

Join our facebook group to get notified of new storms

The first week or two of the storm is when you can make multi-thousands per day. You need to be ready to head out ASAP and work 6-7 days a week so you can stack 100k in a summer.

Auto Hail Sales Contractor Requirements:

Take my free video training program and be able to explain the repair process to customers

Have a great attitude, be professional, have integrity.

Must have a reliable vehicle

Must have valid drivers license & motor vehicle insurance coverage

Be ready to drop everything and come to the storm area ASAP as soon as one hits

Fill out this form to apply:

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