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Auto Hail Dent Repair Contractor Jobs

Make $500+/hour in Auto Dent Repair

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Auto Hail Repair is the easiest and most rewarding door to door vertical that exists.

This is an obscure niche industry that not many people know about.

Aaron's Hail Repair provides the most efficient way for motivated people to make the most money for their time in the D2D industry. Also - to make it as easy as possible for you to get customers through a great reputation, marketing, and industry leading sales automations.

Make $500 for 10 minutes setting an appointment

The entire sales process takes only 5-10 minutes (see video above)

You can stack up dozens of deals a week because the sales process is so quick

You get paid WEEKLY on appointments - NO WAITING for commissions!

Our service is 100% FREE for customers (we pay their insurance deductible + provide free rental car)


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Why is selling auto hail repair more lucrative than Solar or Roofing?

The sales process with Auto Hail Repair is short.

In other D2D sales you have to knock one time and set an appointment to come back later for a long sales pitch or presentation. So theres two elements, canvassing for leads or appointments, and then the actual sale later on. Once you close a solar deal you then have to pray your deal makes it to install. Not all of your appointments sit for the sales pitch. Theres too many variables and BS affecting how much you get paid.

How is auto hail repair different? 

To get a sale in auto hail repair all you have to do is spend 5-10 minutes talking to someone and schedule an appointment for them to come to the shop. Every once in a while for one of your deals you might have to help someone file a claim or give them a ride which takes 15-20 minutes.

90%+ of your deals or appointments show up and you get paid THAT WEEK instead of waiting on a commission that might never come.

How do I learn how to sell auto hail repair?

My auto hail contractor training is 100% FREE.

Putting this training online lets me automate the onboarding process for new people that I would normally spend days training. It saves me a lot of time and weeds out people who aren't serious.

I've spent a lot of time developing the training program to include all the information you could possibly need to know to be successful at this job. There are over 30 videos that literally go over every detail.

My hope is that as you learn more about the industry you will see that Aaron's Hail Repair is the most legit company you can work for.


Sam Taggart's D2D university is also really amazing. I highly recommend both Knockstars and D2D University if you are serious about becoming a millionaire through door to door sales. Especially if you are new to sales.

But these programs cost thousands of dollars and also contain ZERO information about auto hail repair. They are great resources for D2D mindset and general sales strategy, but if customers ask questions about the hail repair process - they don't cover how to explain it like my training does. SVG is another great training but again - ZERO info on auto hail repair.

My online training course is only $0.00 - and it's industry specific to auto hail repair.

You can't find AUTO HAIL REPAIR specific sales training anywhere online

How does Aaron's Hail Repair support salespeople?

It has never been easier to sell auto hail repair

We live in the age of information and people like to see evidence that what you offer is real. Some people are skeptical which is understandable, so I wanted to have undeniable proof.

When I first started in D2D sales it was a struggle because none of the companies I worked with had information to give customers or videos online. It was just me out there alone and people had to "take my word for it".

This challenge pushed me to become better at sales, but as an owner, I want to automate the majority of the sales process for my salespeople. I want to make your job easier by giving you stuff to instantly diffuse skepticism.


Where will I go to sell Auto Hail Repair?

Hail storms happen all over the United States and are completely random. We don't know where we will go until it hails. We go scout the storm and make sure its a good storm with plenty of damage, then we post it on the facebook group. Or if you Apply for a sales position, we will let you know directly as soon as we know.

How long does a sales blitz last?

A sales blitz typically lasts about 2 weeks after a fresh storm. The first two weeks of the storm are when you can make a ton of money (multi-thousands per day). In bigger storms where there are hundreds of thousands of damaged vehicles, you can work them months and still get customers every time you go knock.

Why Aaron's Hail Repair and not some other dent company?

Our advertising and reputation.

We use marketing materials no one else in the industry has to acquire customers. Our advertising looks more professional than the majority of companies in the market.

We get a higher % of your deals in.

If you work for some other company with a bunch of salespeople or a startup with no marketing, they might have a limited amount of rental cars, or can't get your customers in that week. You will end up losing customers that get pushed off until later, or customers look you up online and flake out because the website isn't convincing. Company owners don't care because they are so busy, so this leads to salespeople losing tens of thousands of dollars.

So by working with us, if you have customers coming in and repair shop A is pushing them off, we just send them to repair shop B.

I have contracts signed with multiple dent repair companies that are ready to pay upfront as soon we send them deals.

By working with us, you are guaranteed to get paid on your deals.

Sadly in this industry shady companies will sometimes not pay you, or lie about how much commission you are owed.

With our organization you are guaranteed a flat rate per vehicle, and we have contracts signed to make sure we are always payed upfront on each deal for sending customers to repair facilities.

We have great marketing and a great reputation which makes your job easier.

You get paid upfront for appointments - so you're not stuck waiting weeks or months wondering about your commissions.

You can come to a storm, sell for a couple of weeks and leave, and get paid in full before you head out.


Everything you need to get up to speed on auto hail repair in a few hours. Learn at home at your own pace.


Flyers & Brochures

We have invested a lot of time into creating the best marketing materials in the industry. No other companies have stuff like this so it makes us look way more legit than other companies and makes it easier to close deals.

Web Reputation

We have all 5 star reviews across Google, BBB, and Yelp. We are BBB accredited. We have social proof and videos. When customers research us online we look good.

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Join our private facebook group and network with other PDR salespeople for industry...

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Join our private facebook group and network with other PDR salespeople for industry...

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