On which panels of your vehicle do you see dents?

Take a quick look at your vehicle and notice which panels you see damage on. Check all that apply

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Average size of the dents on your vehicle

If you had to guess how big the average dent is compared to a coin what would you say?

Does the vehicle's ROOF look like it has MORE than 50 dents?

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Any damaged parts?

Look over your auto glass, moldings, mirrors, and antenna - do you notice anything is dented or broken?

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Your vehicle information

Please fill out the following vehicle information about your vehicle.

Vehicle Year (Example: 2021)
Make (Example: Toyota/Honda/Hyundai/BMW)
Model  (Example: Prius/Civic/Genesis/350)
Color  (Example: Black/Silver/Red)
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Your insurance information

Please fill out the following insurance information

Insurance Company (State Farm, Gieco, Allstate, etc)
Deductible (Example: 250/500/750/1000/unknown)
Do you have rental coverage?
Have you already filed a claim?
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Thanks for taking the time to complete this auto hail damage evaluation.

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