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Join our private facebook group and network with other PDR salespeople for industry...

Posted by Aaron's PDR Sales University on Friday, April 23, 2021

Join our private facebook group and network with other PDR salespeople for industry...

Posted by Aaron's PDR Sales University on Sunday, March 21, 2021

One of my customers who called off a flyer, they had 2 vehicles. I love getting 2 car flyer deals it means I’m going to...

Posted by Aaron's PDR Sales University on Monday, March 15, 2021
You can make MORE MONEY in HAIL RESTORATION than people who go to college or trade school. Auto hail repair contractors can make more than electricians, plumbers, welders, lawyers, nurses, and even some doctors! All for just having simple conversations. Most people can learn in just a few hours.

This is one of the best jobs paying $100,000+ a year

Ask yourself - would you rather spend years going to college and pay tens of thousands of dollars to do a bunch of arbitrary work, then when you finish university have to struggle to find a job ...OR would you rather spend a few hours watching videos and learn to sell auto hail repair, be able to get a job very easily, and earn $50k-$100k+ just over this upcoming summer? In a FEW MONTHS you can save enough money to get out of debt, buy a house, start a business, or travel for years.

No other job lets you make $10,000+ per month straight out of high school for having simple 5 minute conversations.

Hail repair is a recession-proof, low stress, easy, well paying career

Climate change is creating more work than ever for people in the insurance restoration industry. It doesn't matter if it's a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake, or Hail Storm - when insured property is damaged, insurance pays to rebuild or restore that property. Auto Hail Repair is easy to "sell" because insurance companies pay us, not customers.

There are hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of automotive or property damage insurance claims related to hail in the United States every year. Once you learn how to explain auto hail repair & the insurance claims process to customers, you will never have to worry about finding a job again! Eventually - you can use the sales skills you learn and the income you make to start your own business!


What do you get in our 100% FREE Auto Hail Repair Contractor Video Training Program? 

30 detailed and concise lessons about the auto hail repair industry, dent repair sales, & the insurance claims process.

Each lesson has a 15-20 minute video, and a short text chapter outlining the concepts.

The knowledge to enter a lucrative niche industry where you can make $100,000+ in six months or less

Once you know how to explain auto hail repair you can easily get a job in the industry.

Optional PAID INTERNSHIP with FREE HOUSING & $400/week base salary. Get paid to practice what you learned wit

Make $1,600 a month guaranteed income and get FREE HOUSING + earn UNCAPPED COMMISSIONS


Frequently asked Questions

I really don't have to pay anything for the training? How does that work?

My hail contractor training is 100% free.

Putting this training online lets me automate the onboarding process for new people that I would normally spend days training someone. It saves me a lot of time and weeds out people who aren't serious.

My hope is that as you learn more about the industry you will see that Aaron's Hail Repair is the most legit company you can work for.

My goal with Aaron's Hail Repair was to create a company where motivated salespeople can make the most money in the industry, and also have an easier time getting customers than selling for any other service based D2D company.

Are you new to sales? Apply for a paid internship with guaranteed $400/week base pay and FREE HOUSING + uncapped commissions.
Apply here

How does Aaron's Auto Hail Repair Contractor Masterclass compare to Knockstars or D2D U? 

Sam Taggart's D2D university is really amazing. I highly recommend both Knockstars and D2D University if you are serious about becoming a millionaire through door to door sales. Especially if you are new to sales.

But these programs cost thousands of dollars and also contain zero information about auto hail repair. They are great resources for D2D mindset and general sales strategy, but if customers ask questions about the hail repair process - they don't cover how to explain it. SVG is another great training organization but again - no info on auto hail repair.

My online training course is only $0.00 - and it's industry specific to auto hail repair.

You can't find AUTO HAIL REPAIR specific sales training anywhere online - except for my website.

Isn't door to door sales sketchy?

Door to door sales attracts a lot of high performing individuals from all walks of life. Mark Cuban, Grant Cardone, Gary V, and a lot of other famous multi-millionaires got started in D2D sales. They made a ton of money, then leveraged that money through investments to become very wealthy.

D2D is the BEST WAY to develop sales skills and not only will you make a lot of money, but you will develop you into a better human because you are challenged and grow from the experience.

D2D is one of the only legit & legal ways in today's economy for a motivated individual to really move up in life, because you can get so much money so fast.

No other jobs have the earning potential of D2D sales without having to undergo really expensive or highly specialized job training. D2D is one of the only true opportunities left to achieve the American dream. The sky is the limit and the harder you grind the more money you make.

Why do most people go to college? To get a job so they can make more money right? 

D2D sales lets you skip years of school, avoid going into debt, and make way more money than you would with a degree. You can make enough money to open your own businesses and hire people who spent decades getting educated, profiting from their labor!

Check out the D2D Can't Knock this Podcast with Sam Taggart. He has been working to legitimize the D2D industry over the past decade and hosts podcasts with dozens of multi-millionaire business owners where they all talk about how D2D sales is the most legit job you can have in todays society.

$10,000 a month, $20,000 a month is very realistic in PDR.

Sales is the "vehicle" that generates capital which you can then leverage through investing to become a millionaire in less than a decade.

Why is Auto Hail Repair easier to get 20+ deals a week than solar or other industries? 

The sales process with Auto Hail Repair is short.

In other D2D sales you have to knock one time and set an appointment to come back later for a long sales pitch or presentation. So theres two elements, canvassing for leads or appointments, and then the actual sale later on.

How is auto hail repair different? 

To get a sale in auto hail repair all you have to do is spend 5-10 minutes talking to someone and schedule an appointment for them to come to the shop. Every once in a while for one of your deals you might have to help someone file a claim or give them a ride which takes 15-20 minutes.


How does Aaron's Hail Repair support you with sales automations that no other dent repair company has? 

I've spent a lot of time developing my website, social media, reviews, visual printed materials (flyers, booklets), and repair videos that your customers can watch. All this stuff backs you up whenever you leave a sale, and greatly increases the amount of sales you get as you build up contacts during a storm.

It has never been easier to sell auto hail repair

We live in the age of information and people like to see evidence that what you offer is real. Some people are skeptical which is understandable, so I wanted to have undeniable proof.

When I first started in D2D sales it was a struggle because none of the companies I worked with had information to give customers or videos online. It was just me out there alone and people had to "take my word for it".

This challenge pushed me to become better at sales, but as an owner, I want to automate the majority of the sales process for my salespeople. I want to make your job easier by giving you stuff to instantly diffuse skepticism.

What is PDR?

PDR stands for Paint-less Dent Repair

PDR is how the we fix hail damaged vehicles.

After a big hail storm there are tens of thousands of damaged vehicles and someone has to fix them all! PDR is a way to quickly fix hail damage without painting the car. Check out my retail website and you can see what customers see. www.aaronshailrepair.com

Why is selling dent repair better than learning how to "push dents"

Learning to sell dent repair only takes about a day, and then you can be making $1000+ a day closing deals.

Becoming a dent tech takes months or sometimes years of dedicated practice before you get fast enough to make the same money as a salesperson. Becoming a dent repair tech also requires an investment of at least $30-50k in tools and equipment, plus PDR training which can cost up to $25k for a 10 week program.

It takes years before a dent tech develops the speed and efficiency to really make a lot of money in a short time. Most dent techs who try to break into the industry fail, or end up frustrated working for less than what they think they will make.

If you are interested in becoming a PDR Dent tech, learning sales and working for a shop first is a great way to get your foot in the door. Learning sales is the key to being an entrepreneur in general.

By working sales at a hail repair company, you can watch the dent techs for free (which people who are trying to learn PDR pay thousands of dollars per day for) and you will be able to talk to them about the industry. Most techs will try and convince you to just learn sales because it's much faster and easier to make money.

Where will I go to sell auto hail repair? 

It it impossible to know ahead of time where or when a hail storm will happen. Generally they happen from March-September every year in the United States. Whenever a storm happens we are there within 48 hours, looking at the vehicles on the ground to determine if we should set up a shop there based on industry variables. If it's a good storm we open a shop and call you to come work.


Why is selling auto hail repair better than selling solar, roofing, or other services? 

Insurance companies pay us, not customers.

We pay the customers insurance deductible saving them $500 to $1000 dollars. Plus we provide a free rental car so there is absolutely zero cost for customers to use our company for repairs!

PDR is significantly easier to sell than any other door to door product or service, because the customer has zero out of pocket expenses. A lot of people don't fix their cars because they can't afford the deductible, so once they hear about your offer - it turns into a sale!

Unlike roofing or solar, you get paid the full commission within a week or two and theres no BS to deal with like getting on roofs, or meeting for hours with customers or insurance adjusters. All you have to do is schedule appointments for free services and help customers with paperwork (but most of it is digital now they can do themselves).

Learn all the secret insider information and start working in auto hail repair.

You can't find information like this about the auto hail repair industry anywhere except for my website. I've created an exclusive online training program designed to teach you everything you need to know.

Free 24 Hour Demo
All videos
All chapters lessons
Flash Cards, Scripts, Sales Materials
1-on-1 sales coaching from Aaron
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All Videos
All Chapters Lessons
Flash Cards, Scripts, Sales Materials
1-on-1 sales coaching from Aaron
job placement
sales contractor certification

Brought to you by Aaron  

After completing a BSc degree in chemistry at University of Colorado Denver, I pivoted careers and started selling auto hail repair. This course contains a concise overview of everything I know and learned over the past 5 years. I've spent a lot of time creating and editing the training program, and I'm excited to share it with you.

I've created this training to empower you with the skills and knowledge to quickly change your life and financial circumstances. ‚Äć

I promise you that even 1 or 2 years in this career is going to yield 10X more financial results than any other trade or getting a college degree. If you put in 6-10 years you can become a millionaire, or multimillionaire through leveraging real estate and other investments. Selling auto hail repair is the only truly legit job from a time spent/income earned standpoint that I've ever seen.

Connect with me on LinkedIN or Facebook.

Each chapter has a 15-20 minute video and 1000+ words.

Normally if you start working for a hail repair company, someone has to explain all this information to you. This training expedites learning all the vital information. With this training you can go back through and watch videos, read the lessons at your own pace, and learn everything you need to know ahead of time.

The course is designed to be watched/read through in several days for about 3-4 hours per day. But you could get through it all in one day if you wanted. However, there is a LOT of information here that will take some studying. It's best in my opinion to digest one lesson at a time and practice explaining the information to your peers before moving on to the next topic. Learning and being able to explain this information is what will determine your success.